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Tipsy Lady Cocktails - Ready-to-drink (RTD) Caribbean-inspired cocktails celebrate heritage, culture, and spice. Made to match the original taste of signature Caribbean drinks, Mojito, Rum Punch and Sunrise Mimosa, each are created with premium spirits and original flavors. With 12% ABV, 6.8oz cans, they ensure a distinguished, smooth, fruitful, and sophisticated zest. Tipsy Lady Cocktails

Dizzle - Ready-to-drink (RTD) 12% ABV, 12oz cans. These hand-crafted, specialty cocktails are tailor-made blends with Dizzle liqueur as its base. Formulating an exquisite superior delicacy as Dizzle Red Bottom, Dizzle Sangria, Dizzle On the Beach, and Dizzle MangoRita.    Dizzle Brand